Alton Towers Project Horizon: The Latest Update

Alton Towers Project Horizon is a new ride planned at Alton Towers Resort. In this article we’ll explore what we know so far. As more information emerges we will keep updating this article, so keep checking back!

Updated May 2023


  • The construction of Project Horizon at Alton Towers has been codenamed Project Horizon but also referred to as Secret Weapon 9.
  • Planning permission for the ride building was agreed on 16th November 2022.
  • The ride will be located inside of a large show building.
  • The site of the building for Alton Towers new ride is on the location of the former mouse rollercoaster which closed in the 90’s. The area is currently used for backstage activities.
  • The ride is rumoured but not confirmed to be a rollercoaster.

Alton Towers Project Horizon is an indoor attraction

From reviewing the planning documentation, its clear that Secret Weapon 9 will evidently be contained within a show building. The show building is 71 Metres in length and 41 Metres wide. Thats just over the length of a 747’s wingspan which is 68.4 Metres.

To put the size of the building into context, the floorspace will be around 3500 Square Metres and the site size of Guardians of the Galaxy, Cosmic Rewind at Disney World is around 19,000 Square Metres. This means, the site really isn’t that big and so hopes of a large rollercoaster are probably unfounded. It’s still possible that we’ll see a rollercoaster built inside but the ride will occupy a relatively small footprint. The plans don’t outline any track to be installed outside the building and therefore any rollercoaster would be wholly contained within the show building.

Ride experience

We don’t know yet what exactly will go inside the show building but we have some ideas about how the ride experience will start. Riders will enter the queue via a central plaza and according to the plans, three queue lines are available. Most likely these are a main queue, single rider and possibly fast pass or for other types of access.

Alton Towers Project Horizon Queue Line

At the end of the queue line, you enter into what is possibly a pre show or inside queue. After what could be the pre show section, the plans show three doors into the main building. This could likely be because the queue lines dont merge within the pre show area. As the ride will be within a building we can conclude that the attraction will either be in darkness or will make use of theming and lighting to create an immersive experience.

Why is the ride called Project Horizon?

As it stands, Project Horizon is simply a code name but we may be able to take some clues from this name. Alton Towers don’t often pick names at random and so I started to think about he meaning behind the code name for Alton Towers new ride.

Those of you who are familiar with Alton Towers will know that The Black Hole was a popular indoor rollercoaster. The Black Hole operated at the resort between 1983 and 2005. The Event Horizon of a Black Hole is the point where something is swallowed into a Black Hole and nothing can stop that from happening. Is it possible that Project Horizon is in fact a sequel to the Black Hole? Perhaps you take a ride in an experimental vehicle, designed to protect you from the forces of a Black Hole but not everything goes to plan. That is purely speculation and wishful thinking, but could be an exciting experience.

When will Project Horizon open?

It is expected that Secret Weapon 9 will open for the 2025 season.

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