The Best & Worst Of Alton Towers Resort

If you are up to date with the Theme Park Loopy Podcast you will have caught Sam’s episode recorded at Alton Towers Resort. Sam had a great day and loves Alton Towers but some rides are certainly better than others. In this article we’ll explore what we think are some of the best and worst major rides at Alton Towers. We’ve excluded minor rides and rides aimed at small children as these would likely fall to the bottom of most enthusiasts priority list.

The best rides at Alton Towers

Our top picks for the best rides at Alton Towers.

The Curse at Alton Manor

We love dark rides and the latest transformation of what we still like to refer to as ‘The Haunted House’ has changed the game with a spine chilling back story and genuine jump scares. I personally thought Duel was an abomination with its plastic guns and gimmicky light up targets. I’m delighted the ride has gone back to its roots.

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Certainly my favourite coaster at Alton Towers and I can’t wait for its re awakening. I have lots of great memories walking into Forbidden Valley and hearing that fearsome roar as a train passes by. Famous for its ground hugging design, the ride weaves, dips, drives and produces forces designed to thrill and terrify.

Wicker Man

When this ride was first announced I was a little skeptical that a wooden rollercoaster at Alton Towers could be a success. Long before the coaster was built, survey after survey showed that Alton Towers fans thought wooden rollercoasters were potentially unsafe, which is certainly not true. I think therefore, Wicker Man has been a bit of a game changer in the way the general public perceive wooden coasters, for the better obviously.

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Th13teen is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure, its not the biggest, the fastest, the boldest but the unique surprise drop and the backwards launch are tons of fun. Probably one of the best themed rides at Alton Towers, I think Thirteen gets an unfair press from enthusiasts.

Marauders Mayhem

Its a tea cup ride themed Piratey basically, but for some reason it’s a must ride for me. I think the theming is modest but works really well and it’s just an all round family hit.

The worst rides at Alton Towers

Our top picks for the worst major rides at Alton Towers.

HEX – The Legend of the Towers

The ride has had a lot of downtime lately but regardless, I just don’t find the ride very interesting. I appreciate the theming and the unique ride system but i’m always left feeling slightly unwell. It’s not for me, sorry.

Spinball Whizzer

Slightly thrilling but very uncomfortable, the ride rattles and shakes as riders whizz around the track in spinning vehicles. The ride lacks any real theming and almost feel out of place at Alton Towers Resort. I know many still enjoy the ride but Spinball had its day, lets move on.

Alton Towers Resort
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Battle Galleons

Perhaps this isn’t a ‘major ride’ but I always thought this was a strange investment for a U.K. Theme Park. If it’s a hot Summer day then sure, I can see the attraction but do we get enough hot days to justify the ride? Admittedly, i’ll often visit outside of School Holidays but I often see the ride completely empty. In my opinion the ride relies too heavily on each boat shooting water at each other rather that at fun set pieces. If it was the other way round and with greater theming, perhaps it would be more popular all year round.

What do you think? Do you agree or am I completely wrong?

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