The Most Annoying Theme Park Guests

Theme Parks are meant to be an escape from the daily grind, a place for escapism but every now and then you come across people who shatter that illusion. I’ve listed below, who I think are the most annoying Theme Park guests.

Queue line blaggers

You’re waiting in line, talking to your friends and suddenly you hear, ‘excuse me, my friends are down there’. Tough is what I’m thinking, but often my polite Britishness relents and I let them join their friends, every now and then I stand firm, and then the awkwardness begins as they stand behind you, texting their friends about the idiot who won’t let them past. If however it’s a group of people trying to join more people, I’m much less sympathetic. Every now and then a child may need taking to the loo which I’m fine with, but most of the time it’s blatant queue jumping.

Queue line story tellers

‘My mate got stuck upside down on this ride for 3 days’ you overhear. You just want to shout at them but you know you’ll look a bit crazy as most people aren’t as interested in what’s possible and not. The best you can do is report about it on your favourite Theme Park community and oh, how we laugh.

Front seat runners

The coaster doesn’t have a front row queue but you are at the front of the line for the next train. You are released and allowed to approach the air gates, but suddenly a couple somehow manoeuvre past you and make a swift beeline to the front row. You are fuming and you know that the backseat would have been the better choice anyway and now your stuck with a second row ride, staring at the back of your new arch enemies.

Mobile film makers

Don’t get me wrong, I often film using my IPhone but you have to have some awareness of your surroundings and be considerate to others. During our December trip to Disneyland Paris we were waiting for the night time show to begin. As the music started, half the people around us lifted up a phone, spoiling the view of many. Even worse, a number of those decided that they needed the flash light on and so shone it in other guests eyes, because of course your crappy phone light will illuminate a castle 100 metres away.

And finally…

The limbo dancers

You are waiting for a ride in a brilliantly themed cattle pen queue line, the ride just opened and you’re weaving through the maze of metal and chains, playing by the rules. Another group come rushing in and of course the rules don’t apply to them as they limbo their way underneath every barrier and straight to the station while you have now missed the first train of the day.

Do you agree with these? Who do you think the most annoying Theme Park guests are?

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