York Dungeon Is Horrifyingly Good Fun

During one of our regular stays in the historic city of York we decided to use our Merlin Annual Pass by visiting York Dungeon during. Each Dungeon has its own identity and York is no different with it’s Viking past and being the home to Guy Fawkes. Despite having what felt like a smaller footprint than other Dungeons, it’s filled to the brim with brilliantly talented actors and spine tingling special effects. Here’s a quick run through of the experience and what we thought. Warning, some spoilers ahead…

York Dungeon Entrance

Having silenced our talky boxes and switched off our fruit watches (we had no flashy boxes) we were invited by the Black Jester to enter the Dungeon. This initial interaction works really well and was a fun way to have the enhanced health and safety procedure explained to us. It’s probably useful to mention that we visited York Dungeon in August 2020 and therefore at a time when COVID-19 safety measures were being adhered to. This meant we toured the Dungeon is a small party of 8 people in 4 separate groups. Groups at Dungeon attractions will often exceed 20 and so this offers a more unique and intimate experience. This also means that you are guaranteed to be picked on by the actors at some point!

Each time you enter a new scene you were asked to stand on a specific spot, ensuring distance from another group. At all times you were asked to wear a mask so make sure yours is a comfortable one. The actors were also wearing masks but this did not detract from the masterful way they weaved horror and humour to make the whole experience so entertaining.

York Dungeon features all the classic scenes everyones enjoys such as the Doctor, Torturer and Judge but in addition to this offers scenes unique to York. These include a visit to the Golden Fleece Pub where you are spun a haunting tale and later a hilarious scene where Guy Fawkes, upon his spike explains where it all went wrong. The climax of York Dungeon was a visit to the jail cell of a condemned witch who at first protests but later tries to bewitch her unsuspecting visitors in the darkness.

At the end of the experience you have the opportunity to buy some photos, which of course we did and later you can buy any souvenirs from the gift shop. The exit also has a small bar but this is sadly currently closed.

Overall the whole journey through the Dungeon took around 1 hour. I was advised that a couple of scenes had to be cut and so your visit to the Dungeon would usually last up to 1 hour 15 minutes. We thoroughly recommend a visit the next time you are in York but note that booking ahead is currently essential. Thank you so much York Dungeon and we’ll see you again soon!

Until next time.

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