What You Need To Know About Alton Towers CocaCola Freestyle

You may have seen a lot of people talk about CocaCola Freestyle being available at some U.K. Theme Parks including Alton Towers but left wondering, what on Earth is CocaCola Freestyle? In this article we’ll give you a brief overview of what it is and how to get the best from it, including some interesting combinations of flavours we discovered while using CocaCola Freestyle in Florida.

How does CocaCola Freestyle work?

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CocaCola Freestyle machines in a nutshell, allow you to self serve drinks such as CocaCola, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite but also allows you to add different flavours to your beverage of choice. For example, you can first choose Diet Coke and then select an additional flavour, if you wish. The usual choices would be along the lines of Vanilla, Cherry and Raspberry but lots of other choices may also be available, dependent on the location. For the system to work, you will firstly purchase an official drinks container which will contain a chip in the bottom of the cup. This chip is activated when you first purchase the cup and you are then free to self serve drinks throughout the day. You can then take the cup home with you and on your next visit pay a lower price to activate your cup.

How much does CocaCola Freestyle at Alton Towers cost?

Prices will sometimes vary based on the location but if you are planning to use CocaCola Freestyle while visiting Alton Towers in the 2023 season the price for the cup and activation is £15 and then for subsequent visits the cost will be £9 for activation. This means you just pay once at the start of your day and then you are free to self serve as much as you like. It is however important to note that you must allow 10 minutes between servings before the system will allow you to refill.

Is Alton Towers CocaCola Freestyle worth it?

If you buy more than a couple of fizzy drinks during your Theme Park visits then CocaCola Freestyle certainly offers good value. The cups offered by Alton Towers reasonably large in size meaning and you get a good amount at every refill. In addition to the cost factor you also have the added value of being able create a number of flavours to suit your taste. Some of our favourites from Florida included: Cherry and Vanilla CocaCola, Raspberry Sprite and Raspberry Fanta!

Our experience of CocaCola Freestyle

We found using CocaCola Freestyle very useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, often you don’t have to queue as multiple machines are usually available and secondly, we loved trying out new and interesting flavours! Not everyone knows that you can in fact add multiple drink types and multiple flavours if you wanted to such as Diet Coke plus Dr Pepper with Vanilla if you really wanted to. Whether the machines in the U.K. parks do the same, I will have to find out.

The main downside was that when going on a lot of rides, you can’t take the cup with you and if you are unable to store this somewhere, you would need to finish your drink in line and place in your bag or even worse place it into a locker. I will be interested to see how this works in practice at Alton Towers and other U.K. parks compared to Universal in Orlando. Let us know what your experience has been so far.

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