What You Need For The Perfect Theme Park Trip

Whenever we visit a Theme Park we always have to take certain essentials to ensure a successful visit. These items can vary dependent on whether we are spending a day or a few days at a park, what the weather is like etc. Here’s some items that we generally always pack for the day.

Small backpack

We need something to carry stuff around and a bag is also useful to store a hoodie if you aren’t sure about the weather. Bags are especially useful at Disney Parks as you can take your bag onto the vast majority of rides, even rollercoasters with inversions which is very unusual compared to other parks. If not, worst case scenario you can store your bag in a locker. Just make sure the bag is reasonably small or can be squashed, so be careful not to over pack!

Battery pack

An absolute must if you are taking photos and video but even with general usage. Your phone battery can easily be drained by the end of the day. We always take a battery pack that can charge a phone multiple times. This means we don’t need to worry about our phone batteries at all. This is especially important at parks that have night time shows as it’s a horrible feeling when you want to take some final pictures and video but you are down to 2% battery!


If we are lucky enough to be at a park that allows on ride video, our GoPro and chest mount is a must. Unfortunately, most parks don’t allow on ride filming these days but its still a handy camera to keep in your pocket to capture some great video.

Spare socks

If you are a fan of water rides then you are familiar with the prospect of spending the rest of the day with wet feet. Your feet squish and squash and your feet get so cold you aren’t sure if they are there anymore. This is especially bad if its a cold or cloudy day and you have no prospect of drying your feet in the sun. In the past after a few rides on Valhalla we would attempt to dry our feet with a few rides on Ice Blast but alas, we just pack spare socks now.

A light raincoat

You’ll see a theme emerging here that I hate being wet. A big must for me is a coat that’s small enough to fit in my bag. I much prefer a coat to something like a poncho because they tend to steam up and after a while just become a bit of a hassle and rip.

A smile

Theirs nothing worse than going to a Theme Park in a bad mood. I always try to clear my head of stress and day to day issues before I visit any park. If it rains all day, we’ll that’s a different story!

What are your Theme Park essentials?

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