What Happened To Magnum Force at Flamingo Land?

After making a facebook post about the Magnum Force at Flamingo Land, I saw a lot of questions asking about the history of the ride and where it is now. In this article i’m going to outline the history of the ride and provide an update of where it is right now.

Magnum Force ride stats

Magnum Force was manufactured by German company Schwarzkopf and is steel sit down triple looping roller coaster. The trains have a capacity of 20 riders and can reach speeds of up to 53mph. The ride is 111 feet in height and has a track length of 3444 feet.

Magnum Force history

Manufactured in Germany, the ride made its debut on the German Fair circuit in 1984 and was the first roller coaster with 3 vertical loops and was described as a “monster of a ride which thrusts the unwitting passenger along a mile of twisting track at break-neck speed”. The ride operated in Germany until 1996 before it was sent to Malaysia and operated at Sunway Lagoon between 1997 and 1999 and operated as Triple Loop Coaster.

The coaster was later purchased by Flamingo Land in the UK for a reported £3.5 Million and installed for the 2000 season. It was sponsored by Walls Ice Cream and so named ‘Magnum Force’ to promote the chocolate covered Ice Cream stick. At Flamingo Land the ride didn’t feature much by way of theming but was mostly painted red with the highest sections painted white. This was likely so as not to stand out as much above the tree line. The ride was a hit and became a local legend, thrilling riders and being the talk of all thrill seekers in the Yorkshire area and beyond.

In June 2004 tragedy struck as a Flamingo Land worker was struck by the train. Suffering two broken arms and serious chest injuries, thankfully the worker survived the incident. Witnesses described how the ride operator jumped over a safety fence and was then hit by the train. Three people were also treated for minor injuries.

By September 2004, rumours began to circulate that Flamingo Land Magnum Force was to be sold. A sale to a US park widely discussed. It would remain unsold but still closed at the end of the 2005 season, making way for Flamingo Land’s renovation plans.


In 2007 the ride was reopened in Mexico at La Feria Chapultepec Magico. It was painted yellow and at some point a temporary evacuation tower was added to the structure. The ride was renamed Montaña Infinitum but would later and finally be named Quimera.

In September 2019 the ride would be part of an even worse tragedy, resulting in the loss of 2 lives from head and other injuries. Two more people were also seriously hurt. Video taken at the scene shows the train completing a loop and as the train takes a banked turn, the rear carriage breaks free from the track. This accident was directly compared to the accident that took place on another Schwarzkopf coaster Mindbender in 1986. It was later reported that none of the rides at the park were properly maintained and the park remained closed.

The future

It was announced in 2021 the ride would be heading to Indiana Beach. After refurbishment the rollercoaster is expected to open in 2023. We eagerly look forward to what the future holds for this magnificent ride.

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