New Track Revealed For Alton Towers Nemesis Rollercoaster

Pictures of the new track for Nemesis, the famous Alton Towers rollercoaster have been mysteriously revealed along with hashtag #seekthetruth

In a ‘leaked’ video from a mysterious facility, the new track for Nemesis was revealed as being almost wholly black with blood red vein detailing. It was also finally confirmed during the video that the track is in fact the tentacles of Nemesis, the destructive monster from which the ride takes its theming.

Nemesis track revealed

In the following pictures you can catch glimpses of the new track. Alton Towers have also released a video that shows a group of people entering a clandestine warehouse.

Along with the new track it is expected that theming for the ride will be given an overhaul or recreated.

What is Nemesis at Alton Towers?

Nemesis is a rollercoaster that was first opened in March 1994. The ride is a suspended rollercoaster which means riders sit in cars that dangle underneath the track rather than on top of it.

Alton Towers Nemesis

The Nemesis roar

One thing that Nemesis is famous for is the load roar the train makes as it passes over the track. Due to the new design of the track it is expected that the roar will not be as loud or sound the same at all. This is a massive shame for Alton Towers fans but has to be expected as the ride needed updates.

When will Nemesis at Alton Towers reopen?

The rollercoaster is expected to reopen for the 2024 season. We can’t wait to get on board again!

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