Valhalla Makes A Big Splash On It’s Return To Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is back open to the public, albeit during its ‘Technical Rehearsals’. This means the ride is only open for part of the day and you aren’t guaranteed to experience the special effects in full. We had the pleasure of experiencing the attraction during it’s technical rehearsal and we’ll tell you what we thought in this article.

What is Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

This is an indoor water dark ride that features three drops, animatronics, practical special effects, snow and fire!

Valhalla: April 2023

Made more sustainable

Valhalla is a truly unique attraction and unlike anything else in the UK. We are big fans of the attraction and are delighted to see it back open.

While the ride has in many ways been re-imagined, the attraction has also been made more sustainable. An example of a major alteration is that you no longer experience a backwards drop. I suspect this is because the mechanism to turn the boat before and then after the drop proved to be difficult or costly to maintain. At the point in the ride where the boat turns, you used to be exposed to the outside due to an opening in the facia. This opening has now been closed and means this part of the ride is in almost darkness. This is likely to create suspense, as like with Pirates of the Caribbean, you can’t be sure how big the drop really is. We think this part of the ride is done really well and left us guessing too.

Valhalla: April 2023

Don’t expect huge changes

If you are familiar with Valhalla, don’t expect to see huge changes. The scenes have received a much needed refurbishment and some of the previously less reliable effects have returned. I am in particular delighted to see the snow return to the cold room. We didn’t experience fire effects during our ride, but we understand that fire effects still remain.

We were really thrilled by the ride and the guests on our boat seemed to really enjoy it too. You will get as wet as ever so ponchos are a must unless you want to be soaked for the rest of the day. One aspect of the ride i’ve never enjoyed was how water sometimes spills into the boats. This wasn’t however as noticeable until the final section.

We noted a couple of areas we think the ride would benefit from improvement and may well be on the list. The audio wasn’t easy to understand but was mostly heard throughout the ride. On the final lift hill, the sides are partially transparent. This means while riding the large hill, you can see over the rest of the attraction, somewhat spoiling the effect.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has received some criticism with many believing the rides overhaul has been overhyped and expected to see more sophisticated changes. We think this needs to be put into context that firstly, I suspect that the ride will continue to develop. Secondly, the attraction is huge and highly complicated and the park have done well to keep running what is widely regarded as one of the worlds best water based dark rides.

When does it re-open?

The ride is expected to be fully open from the 10th of May 2023.

Will i get wet on Valhalla?

You won’t get wet, you WILL get soaked! Wear suitable waterproof clothing, perhaps a poncho and bring spare socks. Unlike most water rides, you won’t just get a splash at the bottom of each drop. Each time the boat turns, when you go past certain effects, you will be drenched. It is very likely that some water will sit in the bottom of the boat and thats why a fresh pair of socks is strongly recommended.

Valhalla: April 2023

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